What should you do if your partner won’t wear a condom with you?

Many men, particularly young men, won’t use a condom when they have sex with their new girlfriends. This is because condoms reduce the intense sensations that occur during sex. You have two choices if your sex partner won’t use a condom. Either you convince yourself to have unprotected sexual sex, increasing the chance of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, or you convince him to use one. Wew explains how to convince your partner!

Purchase a condom. You can’t buy condoms if he already says he won’t use one. You should choose a condom that is the right size. Avoid condoms with thin or striations. Also, a lubricant will make the condom feel stronger and more comfortable. When you first have sex, don’t forget your condom and lubricant.

Before the climax, bring up the subject. Before you have unprotected sex, it is important to get to know your partner. You should only use a condom at first, until you get to know your partner enough to be able to tell him that he does not have any sexually transmitted diseases.

You should not give up and allow unprotected sex. It will make it much more difficult for you to convince him to use a condom again. Talk to him about his fears and how a condom protects both of you. If he refuses to accept the condom, you should leave him. He doesn’t understand you or love you enough to agree to a request for a condom.

Don’t forget to put on your condom. Many men fear that putting on a condom could lead to a loss of erection. Even if the condom takes less than 30 seconds to put on, this is enough time for the man not to be distracted by the condom and risk losing his erection.

You can put on a condom during foreplay in a very discreet and sexy manner. This will ensure that the partner is not interrupted and can continue to enjoy the pleasures associated with sex.

Use a female condom. Although they aren’t very common and less commonly used, there are female condoms. You can wear one if he refuses to wear it because it “embarrasses”. Here’s everything you need about the female condom.