Intermittent sex positions that are exciting!

Intermammary sexual sex is a sexual act or part of foreplay. However, it drives men insane.

The breasts of mothers have fascinated male sex since ancient times. Later, they were attracted to the breasts and then the women they met, considering this area of our bodies a sexual organ.

This sexual act has been practiced since antiquity and brings pleasure to both men as well as women. The breasts are an important erogenous area of the female body.

These are some intermammary sex positions that you can propose your boyfriend.

Lying on her back

Your partner should lie down on his back and rest your head on a pillow. Encourage your partner or friend to place his penis under your breasts and mimic the experience of sexual intercourse. By bringing your breasts closer together with your hands, you can help your partner.

Combining this act with sensitive oral sex will drive your partner insane!

I am on my knees

Your partner should sit on the armchair or the edge of the bed so that his legs are not touching. He will need to be seated in front of you and place his penis between your breasts.

Your lover’s perfect visual angle will make your sensuality and shapes stand out.

On your knees (II).

Your partner should stand, while you are on your knees. Then, place your penis between your breasts and ask him to sit down. You will feel exciting sensations if you both move in a position that allows you and your partner to move.

No matter your sexual orientation, the lubricant must always be present. To have sex parties that look like the movies, talk openly with your partner.

What should you do if your partner won’t wear a condom with you?

Many men, particularly young men, won’t use a condom when they have sex with their new girlfriends. This is because condoms reduce the intense sensations that occur during sex. You have two choices if your sex partner won’t use a condom. Either you convince yourself to have unprotected sexual sex, increasing the chance of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, or you convince him to use one. Wew explains how to convince your partner!

Purchase a condom. You can’t buy condoms if he already says he won’t use one. You should choose a condom that is the right size. Avoid condoms with thin or striations. Also, a lubricant will make the condom feel stronger and more comfortable. When you first have sex, don’t forget your condom and lubricant.

Before the climax, bring up the subject. Before you have unprotected sex, it is important to get to know your partner. You should only use a condom at first, until you get to know your partner enough to be able to tell him that he does not have any sexually transmitted diseases.

You should not give up and allow unprotected sex. It will make it much more difficult for you to convince him to use a condom again. Talk to him about his fears and how a condom protects both of you. If he refuses to accept the condom, you should leave him. He doesn’t understand you or love you enough to agree to a request for a condom.

Don’t forget to put on your condom. Many men fear that putting on a condom could lead to a loss of erection. Even if the condom takes less than 30 seconds to put on, this is enough time for the man not to be distracted by the condom and risk losing his erection.

You can put on a condom during foreplay in a very discreet and sexy manner. This will ensure that the partner is not interrupted and can continue to enjoy the pleasures associated with sex.

Use a female condom. Although they aren’t very common and less commonly used, there are female condoms. You can wear one if he refuses to wear it because it “embarrasses”. Here’s everything you need about the female condom.

Male cosmetic surgery: Thickening and lengthening the penis

While men may be unhappy with some aspects of their bodies, the main problem they have is in their intimate areas. Many men want a larger penis in both length and thickness to better satisfy their partner. This can be achieved with plastic surgery. There are many operations that can lengthen or thicken the penis. Let’s find out what these procedures entail. Penis enlargement.

Elongation. Did you know that some of the penis length is retropubic? This is the portion hidden behind the pubic bone. Penis elongation can be achieved by pulling the segment forward. This involves releasing two ligaments that connect the penis and the pubis. It is a complex and tedious operation that requires an implant or graft in order to stop the ligaments being read to their original positions.

The length of the penis can be increased. On average, the operation can increase the length of the penis by 2-4 cm as you see during sex scenes on filme porno amatori. It is not known how long the penis will remain after surgery. There are many factors that influence the length of your penis. For example, the length of your ligament (a shorter ligament indicates a greater increase), the size and discipline of your postoperative care.

Patients will need to do various weight lifting or pulls to increase their penis length in order to achieve the best results. After three months, the results are visible and can be maintained for up to 18 months.

The doctor can’t lengthen your penis any more than it is anatomically. Instead, the doctor will only release the ligaments that will allow the penis to “come up” to the surface.

Thickness increase. It is actually a graft made with its own fat. The fat is collected from various parts of the body, such as the abdomen, buttocks and legs. Once the fat is processed, it is injected into your penis. This is a simple, quick procedure with no risks. However, the fat will be absorbed into the body and the procedure must be repeated at regular intervals (even every year). Penis thickening surgery.

You can also increase the thickness of the penis by injecting hyaluronic acids into it. However, the effects are shorter than if you were to apply your own fat. Hyaluronic Acid is absorbed much more quickly in the body.

The cost of male aesthetics is approximately 1,000 Euros per operation.

Here are some tips to help you put it together with your partner

For a relationship to be harmonious and lasts, communication is crucial. It seems that males are less communicative than females due to differences in their behavior.

Here are some ways to make your boyfriend more communicative if you have a partner who isn’t good at verbal communication.

Talk honestly, but be concise
You should tell him as concisely as possible. Too many details can cause men to have difficulty.
Psychologists suggest that you write down all that you wish to say on a piece paper. This will ensure that you cover all topics and not stray from the message you are trying to convey. Talk openly even about filme porno gratis, it will help you much better to ignite the love between you.

Listen well!
Don’t let the “we don’t talk unless asked” rule stop you from having a conversation with your boyfriend. Give your boyfriend the chance to speak up if he wants to add something to your story. People don’t like being interrupted. But rather than having a boyfriend that ignores you, it is better to have one who interrupts with an idea.
Take breaks throughout your relationship to allow your partner to vent his feelings.

Your ideas are important!
Sometimes, it’s good to clarify the details of a discussion. So tell your boyfriend what your thoughts are on the topic.
Try to make arguments that are as clear and meaningful as possible for your loved one, so they can understand them.
Men don’t believe in ideas that aren’t based on perspective, opinions or well-founded arguments.

Men are not artists of body language or allusions.
Use nonverbal elements and allusions in communication with your son. They won’t be able to perceive them correctly.
Talk to your lover in simple words when discussing important matters.

Be patient!

They will need to reconsider their position if they come up with something different. He needs to take time to consider before making a decision.
Be patient with him until he decides.

What are the preferred positions for women

You must satisfy your girlfriend if you want to be a true stallion in bed. You may need to work hard because not all women can orgasm. For your partner to experience the highs of orgasm, you will need to follow a simple rule: Vaginal stimulation must be combined clitoral stimulation. Let’s take a look at the best places for double stimulation.

She is on top. This is not the traditional position of the rider. It’s a modified version. The woman lies on the top and lets her body be penetrated. She then extends her legs straight out over the man. She must then move her pelvis to achieve orgasm. This position has vaginal stimulation, clitoral stimulation (because the rubs against your clitoris), and even anal stimulation (you don’t have to use your hands). ).

In an armchair. Your partner will “ride” you while you sit comfortably in an armchair. The woman will control the movements. You can massage her G spot and clitoris you can learn from stanwoodcamanoarts with circular movements, we explain this fact on xxx. You can also kiss her breasts and penetrate her anal with you fingers, if she consents.

He is the boss. This is a comfortable position for the woman. She can let her partner do all the work. He kneels in front her, while she stands on one side. The woman’s left leg rests between the man and his legs while the man’s right is on her chest. The woman can adjust her position so that the clitoris touches his leg. A little lubricant is not necessary in this instance.

Letter V. The woman lies on her back with her legs extended and her legs as far apart as she can. The man is standing in front of her, and penetrates her with both the anal vibrator as well as the penis in her vagina. The deeper she is pierced, the farther she will stand. To keep her legs from getting closer to the men’s hands when she is having an orgasm, the man will hold her legs apart with his fingers. We were talking about clitoral stimulation. The woman will take care of her clitoris until the woman reaches orgasm.

The missionary. It is actually the opposite of what we discussed. The woman lies on her back and allows the man to penetrate her. To ensure that you don’t put all of your weight on the slide, use your hands to support it. For smoother sliding, the movements will become more circular.