Intermammary sexual sex is a sexual act or part of foreplay. However, it drives men insane.

The breasts of mothers have fascinated male sex since ancient times. Later, they were attracted to the breasts and then the women they met, considering this area of our bodies a sexual organ.

This sexual act has been practiced since antiquity and brings pleasure to both men as well as women. The breasts are an important erogenous area of the female body.

These are some intermammary sex positions that you can propose your boyfriend.

Lying on her back

Your partner should lie down on his back and rest your head on a pillow. Encourage your partner or friend to place his penis under your breasts and mimic the experience of sexual intercourse. By bringing your breasts closer together with your hands, you can help your partner.

Combining this act with sensitive oral sex will drive your partner insane!

I am on my knees

Your partner should sit on the armchair or the edge of the bed so that his legs are not touching. He will need to be seated in front of you and place his penis between your breasts.

Your lover’s perfect visual angle will make your sensuality and shapes stand out.

On your knees (II).

Your partner should stand, while you are on your knees. Then, place your penis between your breasts and ask him to sit down. You will feel exciting sensations if you both move in a position that allows you and your partner to move.

No matter your sexual orientation, the lubricant must always be present. To have sex parties that look like the movies, talk openly with your partner.


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